COVID Precautions

What COVID precautions are in place?

At Pack meetings, we plan to meet outdoors with separate areas for each of the dens (consistent with their SOSM grade level cohorts). The den leaders will help the Scouts maintain mask protocols and social distance from their den mates. Likely meeting locations include the SOSM tents (upon approval) and/or Camp Oakarro.

  • Temperature check procedures will mirror SOSM. We ask parents to take their children’s temperatures prior to any Scout activity, and den leaders will take their Scouts’ temperatures upon arrival.

  • When the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor meetings, we will plan on utilizing Zoom for virtual meetings. Dens may opt to call in from one location as a den.

  • For hikes, archery and other activities, social distancing, hand sanitizer, and face masks will be employed as appropriate.

  • In the event Gov. Pritzker reverts Illinois back to stage 3, we believe a meaningful Scouting experience can still be delivered via Zoom and within the Dens.

  • Because gatherings need to be limited to 50 people, Pack meetings will be limited to one parent per Scout and no siblings. (sorry!)

What about campouts?

Following the COVID guidance from the BSA Council regarding gathering sizes and food preparation, there will not be a Fall all-Pack overnight campout. We are planning on having an all-Pack adventure activities and campfire, and den family backyard camping.

Will the Scouts be selling poinsettias in the back of Church? How about the volunteering events?
Our current plan is to not have any activities that would present additional opportunities to contract or spread the virus. Fundraisers will be executed online, and we have decided to cancel indoor volunteer activities like Bernie’s Book Bank.

Will the Pinewood Derby take place?
Yes, it may be livestreamed and look different than previous years, but we intend to hold the Pinewood Derby in the spring.